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Virtual PC and Virtual Server now support latest Windows

Virtualization products are low-level programs, pretty much by definition. They have drivers and often poke and prod both the host and guest OSes to perform better. That means they’re sensitive to changes in the OS from service packs. The recent releases of XP SP3, Vista SP1, and Windows 2008 Server have now been matched with updates for both Virtual PC and Virtual Server.

The Virtual PC service pack is delivered as a major upgrade while the Virtual Server update is delivered as a raw .msp patch. That’s pretty unusual; most patches are delivered as self-extractors to manage the elevation, properties of the patch installation, and UI. The Virtual Server folks got most of it covered but one, based on the following instruction on the download page:

Note: Save the MSP file locally and Run the patch from an elevated command window in Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008

Unfortunately, instructions on download pages are soon forgotten, as you’ll undoubtedly agree if you’ve spent time in tech support. One of the most important things setup can do is prevent common user error. Given that the patch is three-quarters the size of the original release, releasing the Virtual Server update as a major upgrade like they did for Virtual PC would have taken care of the elevation problem in one fell swoop.

[via Virtual PC Guy]