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WiX v3.5 escrow build released, redux

A couple of important but low-risk bugs cropped up since the original WiX v3.5 escrow build was released. So, one last escrow build of WiX v3.5 in 2010: v3.5.2430.0. A quirk of publishing the build omitted the changes since the prior build in the RSS feed:

  • RobMen: SFBUG:3139522 – add MakeSfxCA.exe.config to file.
  • BobArnso: SFFeature:3130590 – Update DifxApp DLLs in DifxApp .wixlibs to version shipped in DDK 7600.16385.1.
  • EricStJ: SFBUG:3147256 Votive 2005/2008 corrupts binary files in templates

Download, install, and let us know how if it’s ready to ship!