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WiX v3.6 is released

After just under two and a half years in development, WiX v3.6 has been released. Actually, it’s been in development for longer than that, counting work Fredrik, Rob, and I did in Burn before v3.6 began. And now it’s out for everyone.

The Codeplex download page has the release notes I wrote to summarize the changes since WiX v3.5. I’ve blogged about some of the other changes as they developed but even I was surprised at the number of changes and additions other than Burn. (Thanks to Beyond Compare for helping weed out insignificant diffs.)

According to the good ol’ SourceForge bug tracker, 688 bugs were opened and targeted for WiX v3.6; of those, 493 were fixed. Though a few were postponed, WiX v3.7 has only 25 bugs at the moment.

I, for one, will take the rest of Labor Day off. Then tomorrow it’s back to WiX v3.7!