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Visual Studio 2008 deprecated in WiX v3.8

WiX v3.8 will support the following versions of Visual Studio with Votive and the WiX native-code SDK:

  • Visual Studio 2008 (since v3.0)
  • Visual Studio 2010 (since v3.5)
  • Visual Studio 2012 (since v3.6)
  • Visual Studio 2013 (planned for v3.8)

WiX v3.8 will be the last version of WiX to support Visual Studio 2008. WiX v3.9 will no longer include Votive or native library support for Visual Studio 2008.

You might be asking why we’d drop something rather than just keep it around. The biggest reason is that maintaining Visual Studio 2008 support for Votive complicates the Votive code and build process for every other release.

Note that the WixVSExtension support for detecting and integrating packages and templates into Visual Studio 2008 will continue to be included in WiX v3.9 and later.