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WiX v3.9 release candidate

Update: WiX v3.9 RC2 has been released.

Five years ago, we released WiX v3.0 on 4-July, or, if you prefer, The Fourth of July. It’s handy to use holidays for release target dates because they tend to be days away from “day jobs” to give extra time for things like filling out release forms and writing release notes. On the other hand, holidays like today’s are a bit US-centric. They also suffer from not quite understanding how software occasionally doesn’t agree to things like schedules.

So we’re not releasing WiX v3.9 today. Lots of nice features came in around the deadline I set back in May. Add some bake time and today we’re releasing its release candidate. That means, barring high-priority bugs, we’re done with WiX v3.9. So now’s the time to help hunt those bugs. Download the WiX v3.9 release candidate and put it through its paces. If you discover rude behavior, please file bugs. Our weekly online meetings will triage them.