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WiX v3.9 release candidate 2

Update: WiX v3.9 RC3 has been released.

WiX v3.9 RC2 has been released and is ready for you to download and test. Right now, no additional changes are expected before we release WiX v3.9. But we would take a fix to a serious-enough bug – so please help root them out if they exist. Download, try it out, and report any bugs you find.

Here are the changes since the unnumbered release candidate:

  • jchoover: Switch WixBA over to using engine updates.
  • BobArnson: Install native SDK packages when VS Express SKUs (VC++ Express v10 or Windows Desktop Express v11/v12), in addition to Professional and later.
  • BobArnson: WIXBUG:4456 – Look at different things on opposite sides of an expression.
  • jchoover: Fixed some memory leaks in the engine.
  • BobArnson: WIXBUG:4466 – Open icons with read-sharing in DTF.
  • BobArnson: WIXBUG:4476 – Add x64 deputil.lib to NativeSdkMsi.
  • BobArnson: Use MediaTemplate in WiX setup. Include native SDK packages when the corresponding compiler is present, not just when the corresponding SDK is present. (The SDK is needed only to create the C++ custom action templates.)
  • BobArnson: WIXBUG:4460 – Switch license from HTML to plain text.
  • BobArnson: WIXBUG:4471 – Add warning about late RemoveExistingProducts scheduling with PerfCounterManifest.
  • RobMen: WIXBUG:4468 – fix missed suppression of suppress signature verification of MSI packages.
  • BobArnson: WIXBUG:4473 – Remove Wui.csproj from Wix.sln.
  • SeanHall: WIXBUG:4472 – Try to clean the downloaded update bundle from the cache.
  • SeanHall: WIXBUG:4467 – Create path2utl for path functions that require shlwapi.lib.
  • SeanHall: WIXBUG:4470 – Check whether the LaunchArguments are null before trying to format them.
  • flcdrg: WIXBUG:4437 – Adds CopyLocal COM reference assemblies to the list of assemblies to be included in managed CA.
  • champloo: WIXBUG:4097 – Fixes uncaught UnauthorizedAccessException in RecursiveFileAttributes.
  • RobMen: WIXFEAT:4188 – deprecate switches removed in WiX v4.0