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WiX v3.9 Release Candidate 3 (or maybe RTM) released

Today, Labor Day in the United States, we released WiX v3.9 Release Candidate 3. It might also be the final WiX v3.9 release. That depends on you.

Since we released WiX v3.9 RC1 back in July, the final release has always been “just a few weeks away.” That’s still true. However, as each of those weeks has passed, you have discovered and reported to the WiX issue tracker a number of bugs serious enough to prevent us from shipping.

As the bugs were regressions, mostly in Burn, in areas that received bug fixes and feature enhancements, we decided it was better to push out the v3.9 release date to give plenty of “bake time” for those changes.

Aside: We call it bake time but that’s not a really good metaphor. It’s more like pie cooling-off time, grilled meat resting time, and probably other similar things that people who actually cook or bake can tell you about.

We’re now looking at Halloween as the release date for WiX v3.9 RTM. 31-October is two months out which feels like a long time but gives us a buffer for any other lurking bugs.

Please download RC3 and try it with your packages and bundles. If you run into problems, please report them right away. If no more serious bugs are reported, RC3 will become RTM.