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WiX v3.9 Release Candidate 4 (or maybe RTM) released

About a month ago, I announced WiX v3.9 RC3 and said:

If no more serious bugs are reported, RC3 will become RTM.

Well, we went several weeks with no new serious bugs reported against WiX v3.9. In fact, we still haven’t received a serious, newly-reported bug against WiX v3.9. Instead, we received confirmation on a fix for a long-standing bug discovered over a year ago and likely present all the way back to WiX v3.6. Frequent contributor Sean Hall discovered the key in some MSDN documentation and Mark Weaver confirmed the fix on the wix-devs mailing list.

So we took that fix and a couple of other very-low-risk fixes that were ready to be merged.

The result is WiX v3.9 RC4.

Because the fixes were took were minor and focused, we believe our Halloween release date is still feasible. We don’t anticipate any other changes for WiX v3.9 but, as always, a serious-enough bug can change that. Download, test, and let us know!