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Labeling issues in WiX

During our last WiX Online Meeting, I talked myself into volunteering to study how other projects use labels in their issues. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Some repos prefix their labels to sort them into “namespaces,” like resolution and area. Generally prefixes are common in repos with many dozens of labels. WiX doesn’t have that many issue labels so I propose that we don’t need them. Instead, we should just document the labels we use. Now, who can we get to volunteer to write some documentation? Dammit. OK, I’ll write up that documentation.
  • We have some near-duplicate labels, like compiler and candle. We decided in general to consolidate the labels, preferring a form like compiler (candle).
  • We have some probably-too-precise labels, like burn-acquisition. We decided in general to consolidate those labels as well.
  • One technique some repos use is to tag their issues with labels that indicate a swag at the complexity of resolving it. Two we agreed are useful would be wip-required, when we believe a WIP is necessary, and up-for-grabs, to indicate a relatively simple issue that nobody is yet claiming.