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WiX v4.0.1 released

Two months to the day after shipping WiX v4, we’ve shipped the WiX v4.0.1 bug-fix release.

WiX v4.0.1 follows the Embarrassment-Driven Development (EDD) methodology: Is it embarrassing that a particular bug slipped through? If so, fix it, ship an update, and pretend it never existed in the first place.

A few bugs discovered (or at least reported) after WiX v4 shipped were embarrassing enough to fix right away. They’re now fixed, so update your .wixproj projects to pick up the new MSBuild SDK: Sdk="WixToolset.Sdk/4.0.1" and PackageReferences to WiX extensions.

If you have done your job correctly, there won’t be a need for another bug-fix release. (Yes, finding bugs is your job; we gave you months and months of WiX v4 previews and release candidates but you let too many bugs slip through. We’ll be discussing this at your next annual review.)

On to WiX v5…